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David Adams,
Thank you for giving us sQecial Media - we will miss you.

David Adams, 66, co-owner and founder of Sqecial Media, died Thurs., Dec. 1, 2005. Born in Madison County, KY, The founder of Sqecial Media in 1972 and co-founder of Morgan Adams Books in 1990
Published in the Lexington Herald-Leader on 12/4/2005.

sQecial Media's 41st birthday is on the first Sunday in March
This page is NOT the official sQecial site.
As for sQecial Media   -   Say it like "sKecial Media"
Hours: 10:00-8:00 Sunday 12:00-6:00
Holiday hours: 10:00-9:00 Sun. 11:00-7:00
371 South Limestone street
Lexington, Kentucky 40508
(859)255-4316 click here

Email: s q e c i a l @ g m a i l • c o m
Since 1972, your best alternative for the important, interesting & hard-to-find.
Books new & used: Buddhist, Tao, Zen, Cooking-veg+, Fiction & non, Gay & Lesbian & Thesbian pride, Wiccan, ++ Dover Thrift Classics $1.50-$3.50. As copyrights expire(80 years)Dover adds more titles ++
, Artcards, Posters, Incense, Jewelry, Indian-Tapestries Tons-o-Tarot, Crystals-n-Stones, Massage Oils, Essential-Oils, Soap, Doctor-Bronner's, Candles, Postcards, Blank-Journals, Magazines(Bitch mag, Relix, Ad Busters, High Times, Music mags.. etc), Buttons, Bumperstickers, Kids-Toys, Wooden & Stone Boxes, Bells, Hindu & buddhist Statuary and many other things from around the world.
This picture is from 8.11 4 years ago
INCENSE: Airs, (aires) dhoop, Satya Sai Baba NAG CHAMPA, egyptian goddess & musk, sage, dragons blood, frankincense, myrrh, charcoal, burners, incense oils, essential oils Spiritual Sky, Gonesh, Soma, Aura cacia, Airs, to name a few of our smells
STONES: quartz(rose, smokey, rutilated, spears, tumbled, etc) aventurine, onyx, jasper, tiger eye, hematite, Agate, Amethyst, Apache Tears, Aquamarine, Bloodstone("Heliotrope"), Calcite, Carnelian, Citrine, Fluorite, Garnet, Obsidian, to name a few.
JEWLERY: where else can you get solid stirling silver hoops for 60¢ or solid sterling silver celtic bands from $6.50 or post earrings for a dollar? Rings with stones(amber, moonstone, turquoise, onyx, garnet, amethyst,etc) are around $8.50-$12.50ish. We have pendants as well.

stirling sterling

Most of rings & pendants are from Nepal.
 We have hookahs and shisha (hookah tobacco)  and other accessories.
It's not: sqUecial media, sPecial media, squcial. It's sQecial Media, a book store in Lex, KY
<b>Compare Purple Haze's prices to sQecial Media's much lower prices. Small hookah same manufacture; sQecial - $22.00, Purple Haze - $35.00.</B>

How to find us
sQecial Media is at 371 South Limestone, between Euclid & Maxwell Just south of McDonalds. Look for a red brick building and we're on the second floor.
Do NOT Park at Mcdonalds, Metro Tow has trucks hidden around the corner. We have parking behind SQecial off Jersey st.
Parking is for customers only and not for: while in classes; when working; nor employees of this building.
Note: Limestone is a one way street going north. Maxwell goes east.
Click on the button below for a map.
Sqecial Media is NOT a mail or web store so if you live in Kentucky visit us.

The below form sometimes works, but 4 official corespondence use the contacts at the top of this page.


All silver is Solid Sterling unless otherwise noted

Ups, Shipping and Handling are search words for Froogle to find. We are walk-in only

S & H

Silver rings
and up
Silver celtic bands
and up
Rings with stones
and up

Silver hoops

50¢ - $4.00

and up



50¢ 75¢ $1.00

and up


Nag Champa (Satya Sai Baba)

15g-99¢ 40g-$2.30 100g-$5.75 



Free Condoms!!







This page is NOT the official sQecial web site.
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Search words:
alternative book store & gift shop for books gifts left wing religious (paraphanalia) peace karate gung kung fu jeet kune do (aikedo) aikido (marchal)and other martial arts. marital Bluegrass Conspiracy conspiricy conspearacy conspericy cannabible Canabible 2 two high time we also carry grow books mel franks ed rosenthol, pasley peacock pailsey
more key words:
Ganesh Shiva Kali (Cali) (Budha) (Budhist)and Laughing Buddha (Ho-Tai) (misspelllings are for search engines)
super hit, We don't carry test-clean or golden seal or anything that helps pass a drug test, sorry. (add) ad busters bitch curve xy magazine high times gay new age urb
tarot(taro) cards salvador dali lama parton
37% of all hits are from Google, yeah, Google!

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tRacker|| is not affiliated with anyone & makes no guarantee of validity, correctness or right from wrong

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