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MSN has restored's "usbank" page to their search engine.
It again ranks 2nd/41,736!
We like Google even though we rank lower then 150th/338,000.
We also like yahoo where we rank 3rd/201,000.

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This page has been toned down slightly to be more congruous with the rest of the site.

ONLY USBANK CAN TAKE THIS SITE DOWN - contact me through the below form.

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Us Bank bought my bank and in my opinion is the worst I've ever banked with.

UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT DISTRICT OF MINNESOTA: Defendants US Bank National Association ND and its parent holding company, USA Bancorp, have sold their customers private, confidential information to MemberWorks, Inc., a telemarketing company. Sexual Orientation
Vote CASE-BY-CASE on proposals to amend the company’s EEO policy to include sexual orientation, taking into account:
• Whether the company’s EEO policy is already in compliance with federal, state and local laws • Whether the company has faced significant controversies or litigation regarding unfair treatment of gay and lesbian employees • The industry norm for including sexual orientation in EEO statements • Existing policies in place to prevent workplace discrimination based on sexual orientation
proposals to extend company benefits to or eliminate benefits from domestic partners. Benefit decisions should be left to the discretion of the company.
What does the above mean?

Originating african-american loans would help their ethics standings.


Jim Mirehouse, district manager of USBank's Sioux Falls office. "We try to minimize the face-to-face number as much as we can."

If usbanks lawyers feel the infomation is wrong please feel free to contact me, or if usbank feels like correcting the problem my account is still open...

I used my debit card a number of times for small purchases one day all of which I had plenty of money to cover, but my morgage payment came out at midnight that night and then they took out the purchases in largest to smallest. If they had reversed the order I would have had one $34.00 overdraft charge not $400.00 in overdraft charges.
I spoke to the branch and then the regional manager. Both said "It's our policy" She told me I might have better service with a local bank! I was not told of any other overdraft sevices such as linking to their credit card.
I've banked at this location for 10 years. They bought the local bank I banked with.
Other people I've spoken to have had stories like this, losing from $100.00 to $500.00. About half of the people I've asked have had a bad experience.
This bank has the worst service of any bank i've been with. Some "5 star service guarantee"

keywords ( U.S. BANK rank U S BANK rate USBANK USBANK.COM rates and ranking WWW.USBANK.COM FIVE STAR GUARANTEE USBANCORP us bank suck best %)

Links below are ones I have found that link me.

This site is for complaints where you have proof that you have been wronged by a bank's illegal activity.

Federal Trade Commision. & "" has been visiting this site. It started on 9:30pm 20 june 2005 and the next day I received a flurry of activity from usbank.

Know of any dirt on usbank? Got a story? Share it please. I will post it in the guest book below. It won't be posted with your or full name or email unless you specificly ask to have it included. Place any text in ( ) that you don't want to have included.
Do to time constrants, we haven't been able to update this page. We have received hundreds of emails with Usbank stories; most of them are negitive and a few are critical of the people who have had a bad expierence with Usbank, they sound like they where written by a bank employee.

Full name:
Email address: We won't share it
Private comment:

Use above form to contact me; use the BELOW "guest book" to POST YOUR STORY. Flamers are deleated - profanity filter is on.

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This non-commercial gripe and consumer information site is not associated with, or condoned or otherwise sanctioned by USBank. If you really wanted to go the the official Web site for US Bank you can by clicking here.

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All statements have been written by me personally (except this diclaimer which I borrowed from They are based on facts and represent the truth. My advice in "take action" are at your own discretion and risk, your thoughts should be made as a very conscious decision. If you believe US Bank is absolutely entitled to act as they did, support them and take no actions. If you believe US Bank acted in an unprofessional manner and abused the law then take action, as you see fit.



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